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Sunday, November 30th, 2008
9:16 pm
vagrants issue #1
 Vagrants #1





“the spirit thingies”




And as we begin from somewhere after the last chapter we see our two heroes after coming down the mountain. Now some of you readers may wonder “hey why aren’t we picking up from almost exactly from last time” well the reason for that is nothing happens oh sure there’s the alchemist getting ready and them jumping down from the cave but that would require sight gags which is rather nulled by the fact that this is text. But even then nothing really happens, so that would just be wasting time. Any way back to what’s really happening.


Our heroes are now walking through the rather dead area that surrounds the mountain range they just came from. And on this trip they plan where to go, and Tim suggests they go after one of the spirits he’s after. And Paul finds where their mark is, and off they go.


-A few hours later in new Prussia-


“Wow what a dark place”

“well a.c. what do you expect, after the demons crusades a lot of things especially close to this area of the world got very screwed up, and weren’t able to advance with everything else”

“I know that I was talking about how it seems rather darker than it should be”

“Indeed, it might be the work of one of the spirits”

“Alright well good luck with that I’m going to see the night life here”

“uh a.c. two things one aren’t you going to help me two a I doubt there’ll be much of that beyond a pub and two b it’s morning”

“But it looks close to night where I could pull it off”

“Not if they have clockwork timekeeping pieces”

“You mean clocks with all those gears, well I can work around that”

“Fine, well can you at least give me a direction for where that spirit may be”

“oh come on you should be able to find it, just look for where the power is most concentrated or where there’s enough flow of the stuff, since you should at least be able to do that much”

“Fine I guess if I’m done or have no luck I’ll check the pubs, abbeys, and other establishments of eatery and merriment”

“Good good, see ya”

And with that Paul left on his little search where there would be some fighting merriment partaking of substances that would give an alteration to his mental state, and a musical number where after a few months a religion would be born that would bring salvation to many villages in neo Prussia and such salvation, and a new golden age that would end many years later, but that has nothing to do with the plot so instead we will see what happens to Tim who is not an enchanter.


So now we see Tim looking around for either what Paul said or at places where they might either have an idea of what he’s looking for or places that could help him. First he checked a grave yard and he found no traces. Next were the churches which also didn’t really help. After those two was the city hall, no traces but he did get some info that might help. And now off he goes to the archives of this town since that is the only other possibility left.


And in walks Tim, and he sees a help desk up front, and asks a couple questions about anything strange or odd going on in the archives of this town. The answer he got was, “well there was some strange noises and sounds coming from one of the back rooms close to the atrium”. And Tim thought ‘hmmm, well might as well check it out’. And off he went and on his way there was a few wacky things that happened that were really not that humorous or consequential, unless accidently knocking into people and not asking for help and opening the wrong door a few times count. And at last he reaches his destination, he opens the door and finds…just another room. He walks in and sits down in one the olde worlde style chairs and sighs to himself.

“Oh just great nothing here, rrgh and here I thought I had found the first one of those bloody spirit things…oh well might as well take a quick rest before looking some more.”

And that is exactly what he did he just rested for a few minutes, and right as he was about to get up. There were some odd sounds, then weird lights started flashing, the room started to shake, the temperature went erratic and constantly shifted from intensely hot to and icily cold, and poor Tim just stood there in confusion and shock for about a minute before screaming, “are you one of those things I’m supposed to capture!”. And the answer he received was an odd extremely blurred form appearing within his line of sight and replying in a cold, dead, gravely, and empty, choice of words that would seem like it came out of the dead brought from the grave with no soul, and it said “I am but the first, defeat and capture me to receive a gift in your hunt”. And with that the form disappeared and was replaced by some weird beast that looked like a terrifyingly warped turkey. And once more Tim heard the forms voice “your challenge will be to defeat the grave turkey, and if you succeed I shall admit defeat”

“Are you serious, with this or is it another one of your sick twisted games where you only tell me a fraction of what I need to know”

“No not this time, for I am one of the neutral’s of the ones you need capture, and don’t seek to make this game any easier or harder”

“Okay then, but if you don’t mind I would prefer to take this out side”

“Why because you don’t wish to harm this safe house of the learned and preceptor”

“No because if I win I don’t want to be chased out of this town for destroying their archive”

“Yes that is fair enough, then meet us in the empty fields behind the town in thirty minutes, I will let you say your last goodbyes and prepare for your vain fight”

“…okay than I will see you then”

And with that Tim rushed put to find his alchemic ally, and found him in one of the pubs, drinking and at the end of a jaunty song and dance number. And one his ally is done and off the stage he runs up and grabs him tells him what happened.

“Huh a grave turkey, that sounds rather…ridiculous”

“Yes well it’s my challenge, but I need to know can you make fire and lots of it”

“Yes I can do it and in any color”

“Good now all we need is a humming bird, Cornish hen, chicken, duck, turkey, fixings, seasoning and some serving dishes”

“That’s what you want to do…oh that sounds terrific”

“Yes it does and some rations that will last us a while”

“Okay then lets do it”

And with that they rushed off got all the things they’d need for Tims plan.


-Some time later at the battle site-


“Okay you spirity thing I’m here, lets fight”

“As you wish”

And the grave turkey appeared.

“Let it begin”

And the battle had begun. To start things off Tim took out his shotgun, and started shelling the retched turkey. Yet the grave bird just brushed it off as if it was some very light hail, then the bird rushed Tim trying to peck him to death with its warped beak. Tim barely managed to fend off the attack. And after wards Tim called out to Paul, “okay a.c. lets give it to him”. Then Paul rushed up with and oddly shaped and wrapped object and with Tims help shoved it down the grave turkey’s throat.

“Alright a.c. lets warm up place”

“Alrighty then”

Then Paul just started to call up small obelisks or fire that all surrounded their enemy. Then Tim did something strange with his arm. He pulled out a handle and cord then it seemed like he revved up his own arm…much like a chainsaw, and his hands became still, the kind of still only metal could be.

“Well now let’s carve us up a turducken for dinner”

Then Tim bounded towards his prey, and this was the kind of bound no ordinary human could do, it was also the act that would spell death for the bird. And when he finally reached it he jammed his metal hand at the thing and the effect was obvious, it was that of a chainsaw, and for the next few minutes he would keep sawing at the bird, like he was insane or possessed by some mad serial killer or some kind of ancient man of slaughter. And when he was done, Paul encased the thing in flame, while Tim got some serving plates ready and under where the bird would be. And once Paul stopped the fire, a fully cooked and stuffed grave turducken hit the plate. And after that the form once again appeared as blurry as ever.

“…you have won my challenge”

“Great so I’m curious, what kind of ability am I going to get”

“You will be alerted where the next targets area is, and I will be with you if you need advice, about any of this, but here is some advice to start with, do not be hasty to throw away your allies, for if you do there is a good chance that you may never win this challenge in whole”

“Okay then, I won’t and besides I might not have won if not for my new ally”

“That’s true you would’ve just been eaten by that turkey thing…but lets get to a pub and eat”

“How’re we going to do that?”

“Oh it’ll be easy if we share it”


But before long Tim found out why, and the two compatriots were sitting in a pub a few minutes later enjoying their kill with the others in the pub. And the two compatriots couldn’t be happier, and not caring whatever the next day would wrought, allies enemies, what have them, these two vagrants would face it together head on.




Next time in the vagrants

More random stuff happens

Possibly a new ally will appear

More of this world that’s strange to us

All next time in the vagrants!



Okay now for some explanation to some of the stuff that showed up in this issue, but some of it will not get a complete explanation since that will be in an upcoming mini-series.

Okay firstly an archive is kind of like a library, and art gallery, and museum mixed into one, mostly so a town would be able to not only keep history and great works but record them, so if a town member were to paint a beautiful painting then if they so chose it would go into the archive, or if they were to come up with say a new recipe for I don’t know a beef stew that took less materials and time, yet still tasted good, then they could put it there, or even a book/memoires, could go there, but the point is it’s like an expanded library.

Another thing I did not make clear is what Tim is searching for, the reason for this is because a. it wasn’t made all that clear to him, and b. I’m not sure if I want them to be just spirits, but that’s something that if anyone has any suggestions for I would be glad to hear.

The grave turkey, well this one I got inspired by a web comic.

And lastly for now is why “neo Prussia”, well in our world it would be around that area where Germany and Russia are close to the Balkans but for them it’s neo Prussia, the reasons for this will be explained in the as previously stated mini-series to explain a lot of things, but that will be a ways off, and would spoil upcoming events.

And if there are any more specific questions, any of you have or ones that I might have missed please message me, leave a review, or ask in the forums I made for this since that’s partially what I made it for.


-On a side note I’m sorry this took longer than planned but that’s life-

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Saturday, November 15th, 2008
1:37 am
warfire #1
 Warfire #1


Last time we started, our now known to us kid with something made of fire in his head is in quite the jam, and now the continuation.



(To the readers, since the fight really has nothing to do with anything and is over in like a minute at most I’m just going to give a summary and move onto stuff that matters)




BAM. He goes all fiery the bullets pass through and he sends out a blast of flame with a paralyzing effect, and the fights over



(See less painful than a fight that would’ve only been a waist of time, and now onto the actual story)


On one of the highest floors of a building not far away, sits in a room with a camera, a large man in armor…templar armor.

‘Interesting, this child seems to have that abomination we’ve been looking for my brothers will be pleased’ said templar thought.

“Brother maccaroy, have you found it yet” a voice from the laptop on the desk in the room addressing the now named maccaroy that sounds like an old man.

“I believe so master harmeliok, I have found a boy that appears to hold what we’re looking for, and should I capture him now”

“No we should wait and observe a little longer, but when we choose to strike you will have many more of our brothers assisting you”

“Yes master hamaliok, I will do as you have commanded”

Good my brother, for the glory of our lord!”

For the glory of our lord!”

“Master Hameliok, from Jerusalem signing out.”

“Brother Maccaroy on research mission signing out.”

And brother maccaroy closed the laptop and looked back to the video feed.

“Soon you abomination our righteous vengeance will be wrought upon you”


And with that we leave brother maccaroy for another sinister force in the shadows.


“Fool we now have a chance to strike at you and have our vengeance wrought, so you will be brought to justice at our laurels” a dark sinister voice that to any normal human would cringe at from terror.

“Calm down we will bide our time and then we shall bring him, and then vengeance will be ours, no sooner”

“Yes my lord”

And now the same dark voices proceeded to laugh a laugh so dark and twisted it would make human flesh fester into maggots, with turning anything else to ash.


And now back to the thing/person/whatever that really matters here.


Once more we see our hero Kenneth going to his job since unlike his peers he had to leave home, and was lucky enough to get a job at a pit barbeque, mostly keeping the fire up nice good and hot, along with the occasional show, and other odd jobs. But that’s not his only job, he has other odd bobs he’ll do for money, but he was lucky that he was allowed to stay at the barbeque for some nights. He also has other places he can sometimes stay which are mostly thanks to pure luck. Yet he still hopes that he’ll get enough good paying jobs where he’ll be able to afford a place of his own, while also helping people with his weird fire powers. And some of you may be wondering why this simple little high schooler has to do this kind of stuff and not just do normal stuff like stay home go to school or other stuff. Well you all will have to wait for another issue where it will hopefully tie into the plot for a nice bit of drama and angst that should hopefully make it much more interesting, but for now lets leave it at there is a good reason and lets get to actually watching the main character while he’s not looking.


We now actually get to our hero who is just sitting there keeping the flames nice and strong.

“Well at least I’m nice and warm”

“Well Kenny boy that would be good if this weren’t such a cold fall”

“I’m pretty sure that makes it a good thing Sid”

“You mean like mercilessly beating those damn fifth party sys politicians who like to feed non people to monkeys. Those fiends I will crush there saliva and then I will raise their stocks by twenty percent”

“…right Sid, that will show’em”

“Of course it will or else my name isn’t summeniez dua panz cal pucnbag the twenty a”

“But it’s not”

“Really well never mind then”

“Fine then Sid, fine then”

And with that poor little ken just went on keeping the flames strong for the rest of the night not knowing what may come, majesty or atrocity, sacrilege or glory, and such and such.


Next day


After yet another semi-waking night our hero wakes and gets ready for the day not knowing what will come but knowing that the voice in his head is crazy as anything and is glad he isn’t either…yet.



Next time

More stuff happens

Hopefully we’ll get to a fight

Possible first fight with one of the villains

More craziness from Sid

And possibly more


Next time on warfire!

Sunday, November 9th, 2008
1:29 am
warfire #0

Warfire #0


            A young man stands upon a city building in the bay city of Baltimore and surveys it seeking any type of conflict to interact with, for it is what fuels his special friend who lives in his…well at this moment right kidney the supposed to be new deity of war insidnearious who because of the new changes of the world in Europe and the middle east was never given a chance to even find a prophet or shaman to bring their message or anything even after helping the one with some of his followers wars with another group of his followers over some symbolically important area, and instead of given a chance of worship was allowed free walk in the one’s lands and even allowed a conduit/host but now he inhabits Kenneth Sota a poor lad who now must feed this supposed to have been deity with war and conflict in the largest city close to his home Baltimore Maryland. And within minutes Kenneth feels the resonance of war conflict and strife and rushes through the stairs of the building to get to it fast enough and he reaches what would lead to a gang skirmish and quickly takes on his warfire form which looks like he was set on fire with a large stack of dark smoke flowing off of him, and his skeleton and skull quite visible and for a minute he feeds then strikes and disables all combatants and devourers all the conflict and strife leaving them seeing what they were doing as foolish and leaving while warfire finishes feeding on the remaining conflict and strife before he too leaves. And thirty minutes later Kenneth finds himself sitting on a dock in the harbor, just thinking and wondering about what’s in store for him and where his life is going then suddenly. “glareagaggg!” went his bodily guest insidnearious or sid as he likes to call him the ment to be fire deity of war.

“say hey Kenny boy what’s wrong not enough peanut butter and watermelons in your life”

“no sid, I’m just pondering”

“well stop it, and lets do something fun like heat up the aquariums after pumping them full of spices and broth and make gumbo”

“no sid we can’t cause then you won’t be able to insult the fat fish or taunt the seahorses like you love to do”

“*gasp* you are right we must stop me err us from committing such a heinous act against mine self and then use them to feed kindergardeners and make them learn the wonders of sadism”

“… … … no Sid we can’t cause it’s both wrong and illegal and that means if they even think we’ve done that we’ll go to jail for arsen, murder, causing mental trama to small children, and possibly 5 attempts at molestation depending on how it goes”

“oh yeah that would put a wrench in things wouldn’y it…and then I wou;dn’t be able to annoy you while seeing the not same thing every second, okay we shant not un wont do that stuff”

“…you do know you just said we will do it right”

“uhhh no I didn’t one of the negatives was silent haven’t you ever heard of kaphehh, it is a sacred word that is a negative that is said silently”

“I thought it ment damn, burn, poodle, chocolate pudding, chicken soup, extrapolate, play that frigging song again, oh and lets not forget I want to you to get waisted and lost in the red light district in D.C., I mean come on make up your damn mind, and that last one man that made me look bad in front of light&shadow”

“well…okay fine let’s just agree to not do what I could’ve possibly insinuated earlier”


And at that same moment Kenneth and sid felt a very potent potentiality of war coming from a schools direction.

“well that’s odd”

“what’s odd let’s go go go”

And off they went towards an elementary school, where at that moment a group of high school radicals were preparing for something …well radical, and holding the school hostage and asking for a lot of insane things like having the city relinquished to them or having certain international criminals set free, and having other people killed, luckily for Kenneth, Baltimore, the school, and the nation, Kenneth in his warfire form were able to gain enough fuel to ignite and go to the destination by means of fire “jet” propulsion. And they mad it right as the radicals were going into the school and start the horrible tradgedy, but at that same moment a ball of flame flew at them and exploded right behind them, but they were lucky enough to see the reflection in the glass of the door and ducked or dodged before it exploded and avoided having serious burns and wounds.

okay you sick fools you aren’t going to succed in your mad attempts as long as I’m here

then the fools laughed at this guy on fire before opening fire on him…



tobe continued…

next issue:

the series really begins



and possibly some more

all next issue of…


1:27 am
vagrants #0

The Vagrants #0


Notes for dialogue:

‘People thinking’



The lost mountains a range of mountains long since considered lost to the rest of the two spheres along with many other places, but not a part of the second sphere. Always considered a place of mystery and possibly wonder for the many strange goings on that surround it. But those are stories for another time since now after an unknown amount of time. As he climbs he gets closer and closer to probably the only real opening into the giant mountains seeking or something possibly someone. As the man climbs he wonders why he is doing this all once more after so many months. ‘why the hack am I doing this, risking my life on a faint hope(the yet to be named climber then flashes back to when it all began, the conclave of ghosts, his hand, the voices, the traveling, and so many other things) oh yes all of that, well since this is my last option besides the templars who’d kill me, or the demons who would most likely ask for my soul or make me their slave…and both are equally bad if not worse.’  And the figure just keeps climbing and after many hours finally make it to the cave after to him what seemed like many months when in actuality it only took a few hours. He enters sees a very odd cave that he can’t tell how long it’s been since someone was here since it looked like some hodge podge amalgam fro any number of mixes from pre-dark ages to the future. He entered and began searching around the electronics and the odd occult looking items, like pentagrams pyramids and odd looking circles with many weird symbols in them, even necklaces, pendants, knives, staves, and many other oddities. And he just kept looking until he got to some doors that he hadn’t seen anymore some were wooden, metal plastic and even a stained glass door or two. One of the doors opened, a wooden one and out stepped an odd man who although looked semi normal also looked very strange and either mystical or scientific. He seemed to be rather out of it, like a being waking from a long dream, or someone who just woke up from an odd nights sleep. “Who’re you” the being said. And the same old figure we started with had his jaw agape and blankly staring at this person who was supposed to help him or at least give him some advice. ‘This is whose supposed to help me…damn it.’

“Um I’m need of some help and was told I could find some on this mountain are you who they spoke of.”

“That depends what you need help with and why”

“Well I was pressed into the game by an ancient conclave of spirits and am having problems with all of it what with the voices in my head, the strange changes to my body, and figuring out the clues, but I just want it all over so I can attempt to live my life again.”

“…well that was a wee bit much but I guess I can do it, besides I don’t really have much left to do in here and could use a nice stroll…so I guess I’ll give you a hand”

“Really. Thank you so much I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t give me any help”

“probably do something really stupid, before suicide or some epiphany of such epic proportions that you’d finish your task in such a way that a religion might pop up following you and you’d also end up sending all people’s of the two spheres into such a paradisiacal future that heaven would probably look like Pluto on a bad day.”

“You do know Pluto’s not a planet anymore right”

“well just because some scientist says it’s so what with how fickle they can be on what requirements are for things then that would mean mercury will end up being an asteroid and the earth back to being flat”

“Well now that is just ridiculous since the scientists we have are still trying to figure out everything in our universe or whatever and we probably wont be done till sometime after humanities peak which will be many eons away”

“I will give you that much but that doesn’t change the fact that they need to wait until they are absolutely sure since for all we know Pluto is a satellite placed there by some ancient civilization for some purpose our species probably wont find out for a either a great many years away or within the next few years, but we can save this for later”

“Okay well my name is Timothy Blane, most people call me Tim, and a couple of times time the arsonist and one time, Tim the enchanter although I haven’t the foggiest why”

“Well I now know you have yet to see the Holy Grail yet”

“You the one from the bi…”

“No the Monty python movie”

“What’s that?”

“Well after some time I’ll have to make you watch it”

“Okay then let’s save that for later”

“Yes we should”

“Well since you gave me your name I shall give you mine it is Paul Malicho, and I am an alchemist of sorts”

“Okay what do you mean by sorts”

Well I am no longer a regular alchemist since the line of alchemists I’m apart of at some point have each combined magic and science with their alchemy to create a form of advanced alchemy that can very easily have a more direct effect on our transmutation process and make many different effects that could never happen before or could even be dreamed, even being able to turn anything into gold or even warping reality, space, or the human body to my whim with the proper materials”

“Bull shit, that just sounds like bull sh…”

And Tim was turned into a three winged two headed bird thing.

“Well what have you learned?”

‘To keep my stupid mouth frigging shut’

“Good boy”

And Tim was turned back to being human.

“…I retract my earlier statement and what was with that”

“Oh I know some secrets, but if this were some type of story in like say a comic book, novel or such and such, than I would be considered something along the lines of a dues ex machina”

“…right now that just sounds like something from an actual story to directly explain something to the readers in a more direct way, thusly breaking the fourth wall”



“Well in light of my actual name you can call me by what I am an alchemist and I shall call you frank”

“But my names Ti…”

“What now Jim.” While saying the last thing alchemist is readying up another transmutation quite slowly and visually.

“Nothing whatsoever alchy”

“Okay then how about something that doesn’t make me sound like an alcoholic substance”

“How about ac then”

“…fine ac will do for now”

“Good then so when will we leave”

“After I’m done getting ready in the morning which will be in six hours, I suggest you get some sleep”

“Okay but how do you tell time hear since the sky looks like it’s more like four a.m. outside”

“Time works differently here”

“That explains so much”

“It also explains how I am technically thousands of years old, but can still remember that big war between Chile and Madagascar when I was a kid”

“Now that was a bad war”

“Yes it was but let’s start getting ready for our little walk about”

“…*sigh* fine I guess I’ll get some sleep, and I will prepare”

And for the rest of what would be the night to them and a couple hours to those in a more normal place. And as the new dawn approached these two had not a clue about the drastic change in events these to compatriots, allies, vagabonds, these vagrants on what a change they would bring.




Or maybe one of them did.




To be continued in vagrants#1: the beginning

The journey begins

The first spirit

The horrors of this alternate Europe

And possibly more non plot necesary dialogue

Next time


March on!


(point of reference: just to make sure it’s clear this is on an alternate version of our universe with many other changes that some of you might find interesting or screwed up but leave it be, since it is after all only fiction) 

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